The integrity and reliability surpassing the 35 years, we continue to invest without a break in order to provide more quality and precision services, as of 2015, we have started our activities
in our 1200m2 factory.
With the inventory of;
Ø 800 L:8000 Lathe
Ø1200 L:6000 Lathe
Ø 600 L:6000 Lathe
Ø 500 L:4000 Lathe
Ø 430 L:3000 Lathe
Ø 600 L:3000 Cylindrical Grinding
Ø 600 L:4500 Cylindrical Grinding
Ø 800 L:8000 Cylindrical Grinding
Ø 800 L:3000 Vertical Hard Chrome Plating Bath
Ø 800 L:8000 Horizontal Hard Chrome Plating Bath ,
we continue in our investment and R&D efforts, in order to reduce markets needs and dependence on overseas.