Nearly on every turning production processes, roller manufacturing of rollers is very important. Some can see rollers as only steel, but there is long hours of engineering work with the knowledge of manufacturing industry, which determines the quality of the product as the heart of production lines.

As roller manufacturing is the subject, the choice of the material of the roller, from jaws to flanges, the method of welding, machining process, surface requirements are determined due to the job that roller does on the product and the production line.

The material of the roller should be determined carefully due to the product type, the job that roller does on the production line. Some rollers can be manufactured for conveyor lines (conveyor rollers, idle rollers), some forms the product with designed roller, embossing rollers, shotblasted roller; some rollers can be used for forming the thickness like rolling mills, some of the rollers used for their surface treatment like cylindrical grinded rollers, hard chrome plated rollers, super finish (micro finish) rollers, etc. All of their material has to be chosen wisely.

Roller manufacturing, on the other hand, concernes not only the material, but also the inner structure of the roller. Single barrelled cooling roller/cylinders, single barrell heating rollerscylinders, double-barrelled rollers/cylinders for heating and cooling, double-barrelled with special flow design rollers/cylinders, steem heated roller/cylinders can be manufactured also. The surface heat sensitivity determines the inner sturcture of the roller manufacturing.

Surface treatment is the heart of roller manufacturing. The hardness of the surface can be improved by hard chrome plated rollers, but also induction hardened surfaces with hard chrome plated on top is another way to improve the wear resistance. The product that should be processed determines the working surface quality, surface roughness, surface hardness of the roller. Rollers can be manufactured as cylindrical grinded rollers/cylinders, hard chrome plated rollers/cylinders, super finished (micro finished) rollers/cylinders, etc.

As EKS Hard Chrome Plating, Cylindrical Grinding and Roller Manufacturing, it is our duty to help you to choose the best material with cheapest prices, according to the information and technical drawings provided.