Textile industry demands a wide range of roll porducts,
• Finishing and Dying rolls,
• High precision surface temperature controlled single barell, double-barelled and spiral Heating and Cooling rolls,
• Lamination rolls and Super finish,
• Engraved and Super Finish rolls can be manufactured and repaired, For Carpet industry;
• Embossing rolls,,
• Super finished heat transfer rolls,
• Carpet line rolls, knives can be manufactured and repaired; Developing very quickly, Composite industry takes serious attention,
• T-Die molds,
• Acrylic Fiber lines rolls, tow seperator rolls and nodular rolls, fiber routing parts,
• Cold and hot line rolls,

manufactured with awareness of
Low surface Roughness (Ra<0,02µm), high coating thickness for wear resistance and material for corrosion, which can be repaired also